Company History

Precise Angle Sensor and Micro Motor

  • Jun. 1972
    Founded MISAWA Engineering Ltd in IIDA City by current CEO
    Started the assembly and winding of precise angle sensor
  • Jan. 1974
    Relocation of Facility to MISAWA City
  • Jun. 1979
    Expansion of Machine shop, Lathe and Cylindrical Grinding Machine. Started the part processing
  • Jul. 1983
    Construction of new Facility and relocation to OIRASE town
    CNC Lathe, CNC automatic lathe and new Cylindrical Grinding machine for reinforcement
  • Dec. 1985
    In corporate MISAWA Engineering
  • Aug. 1988
    Construction of TOWADA Facility, exclusively Winding, Band and Coil inserting process
  • Jul. 1997
    Expansion of Machine shop, NC Internal Grinding Machine and Machining Center
  • Aug. 2002
    Acquisition ISO9001-2000
  • Oct. 2007
    26,000ea / month Resolver (Smartsyn) are accomplishment. Started the manufacturing for B787
  • Feb. 2008
    Head Quarter Relocation to MISAWA MINAMI-machi
    Former Head Quarter became OIRASE Facility, Triple Facility completed including TOWADA
  • Sep. 2008
    Merger TOWADA Facility
  • Jan. 2009
    Temporarily closing OIRASE Facility after recession, re-opened after a year
  • Mar. 2009
    Merger Affiliate company Tite Tech, Replacement of President
  • Aug. 2010
    Acquisition of JIS Q 9100:2004

Precise Angle Sensor and Micro Motor (Cont.)

  • Oct. 2010
    50,000ea / month Resolver (Smartsyn) are accomplishment
  • Mar. 2012
    Started 2 Phases Motor production for Military application and In-house Heat Tretment
  • Jul. 2011
    Acquisition of JIS Q 9100:2009
  • Jun. 2013
    Started the production of Smartsyn in Vietnam (10,000ea / M), Incorporate Hong Kong
  • Apr. 2014
    Introduction of Vacuum heat-treatment , Special Process is self-manufactured

Micro Motor

  • Dec. 1992
    Founded Tite Tech in HACHINOHE
    Produced Stepping Motor
  • Aug. 1997
    Relocation to OIRASE Town
  • 2000
    NC Automatic Lathe with Robotics, Cylindrical Lathe, Internal Lathe and Blast machine
  • Aug. 2002
    Acquisition of ISO9001-2000
  • 2004
    Started the production of PACHINKO Firing machine (Japanese Pinball)
  • 2006
    NC Automatic Lathe with Robotics, Internal Lathe and Blast machine
  • 2007
    NC Automatic Lathe with Robotics, Cylindrical Lathe, Internal Lathe and Blast machine
    Jet Cleaning Machine, accomplished 150,000ea / month
  • Feb. 2008
    Relocation to MISAWA
  • Mar. 2009
    Merged by MISAWA Engineering Ltd.